Why we are special?

Customer Centric Marketing
We believe there is a better way to market your business.
It is all about humanising service.
Why we are special? It is all about humansing service.
There is nothing more important than the way we feel. Understanding a person’s point of view, their feelings is an incredibly valuable asset. I use this to create meaningful marketing. Marketing that creates a relationship between a customer, employee and company that is more than the service itself. It is based on values and a strategic design service to make each party feel heard appreciated and valued.

The traditional approach by many marketing consultants is to create or dare I say push, self orientated content marketing approach. This totally goes against our philosophy of being customer centric.Today, where buyers prefer a web-based self-selection, educational and peer-communication approach, that traditional strategy doesn’t work. Why? Because buyers want to control how they consume information, getting answers from sources they trust. Today’s buyer requires a new marketing approach that uses different tools. This customer centric approach to marketing is often just lip- service, but I put in place a process to create a customer centric approach that everyone in the organisation can embrace. If all things are equal between you and your competitor what makes you the better alternative? I believe it is the way you made them feel. More and more customers are looking for the “why and the how “of your service. This is where I focus my strategic approach so you can create a brand that your customers and employees will love.

In building a Customer Centric Company:

  • Understands the needs of your customers
  • Maps out purposeful delightful touch points
  • Seeks constantly to engage and understand customers and employees
  • Strives to be irreplaceable
  • Leverages all the individuals in the company to create a culture that everyone wants to be apart of
Our Vision
Our vision is to get businesses back to feeling, seeing and listening by showing empathy to your customers and employees. We believe that it is through empathy and insight we create better relationships based on trust and value.



Our  vision is to share our customer centric mindset so that organisations can use empathy to make better business decisions. So, why are we special? Well, when it all boils down to it, I just think we care more than others do about marketing and getting it right for you. Let’s face it, there are a lot of marketing consultants and marketing agencies out there and most will follow similar marketing philosophies and practices so why choose one over the other? We believe a big part is in the how we do it. We want the whole process to it to be fun, educational and most importantly to work.Through MacInnis Marketing’s Customer Centric Approach –  create a customer centred mind set so that companies can use empathy to make better business decisions. To be recognised as the leader in creating this movement.


To build companies that move towards humanising service.

A customer centric company is a mindset. It puts the customer at the centre of all your decisions. You are constantly aware of their needs and choose business decisions based on what is right for them.  This is balanced with the needs of your employees who create the human service and put their energy into creating delightful touch points that create a human empathic journey with your brand.


Fun, creative, easy going, young at heart, social, caring, supportive, thoughtful, analytical, strategic, big picture thinker, honest, giving, inspiring, dependable, responsible, real, exploratory

Our goal


To create a customer centric mindset so that organisations can use empathy to make better business decisions.We provide practical and affordable marketing strategies that generate ideal leads for our small business clients. We want you to love us and find us irreplaceable. We strive to provide the sort of insight, marketing genius and value that makes us the stand out choice for you as a small business. We achieve this by consistently demonstrating our commitment to our values:

Our Values

Our values describe who we are and how we go about our business, both as a brand, and as a group of high performing individuals. We look for, encourage and develop these values in our team and through the relationships we build.

  • Authentic – being  honest, being ourselves and doing our best to deliver you with the best marketing solution for your business. This includes admitting when we make a mistake.
  • Passion for customers – being thoughtful by putting your needs first. By being personally invested by ensuring we deliver great value for your marketing dollar investment.
  • Innovation and IT – keeping abreast of current marketing IT solutions and identifying the most affordable and suitable marketing technology for your small business. Yes, that is right we are IT marketing geeks.
  • Sharing Knowledge – educating and communicating marketing information with you to improve your marketing knowledge and skill base.
  • Check out our resources page.
  • Creativity and fun – brainstorming, thinking outside the square, enjoying the process and constantly collecting great ideas for marketing in small business.
  • Try to use the pay it forward principles It begins with doing a favour for another person– without any expectation of being paid back.

How we work with you?

We can achieve great value because we are:

How we market your small business?
Our secret sauce is really simple. We take what is in your head and add our 20 years expertise in sales and marketing and ensure we have a practical, actionable plan that helps you run your business more effectively.

We give you back the head-space, tell it like it is, hold you accountable and provide a sounding-board to ensure the best ideas are implemented so they make a real difference to your bottom line!

Our Ideal Client ————————————————————————————–
If you are our ideal client you will be the  manager in a service based company who is ready and motivated to work on your businesses’ sales and marketing engine. Your company may have had tactical approach to marketing, but  now you understand that marketing is a critical strategic part of their business model. You are now ready to invest in a lead generation model with sales and building a brand identity to differentiate their company. Most importantly you want to have a customer centric approach to your marketing and see the value in making decisions that most benefit your ideal clients to build your long term brand and profits.

We too are picky about who we work with. Do we fit?

Make no mistake, we would love to work with you, but we, like you choose our partners very carefully.

  1. There needs to be a good business proposition for both of us. It has to be a win-win. A win-win for us is when we can provide the service you need and want and do it with your enthusiasm, support and prompt payment. A win for you should be having a flexible expert marketing resource that continually improves your business growth and does so at an affordable cost.
  2. Our business model is based on choosing to work with a select number of clients where we provide a marketing department service, usually over an extended period of time or until such time when we can train up an alternative resource.
  3. We choose only to work with the owner or CEO of the business. We do this for two reasons. 1. The decisions about marketing are an integral part of the business plan and so we need these decisions to be made by management. 2.The brand and values that the business hold often are embedded in the owner’s vision and personality.

Our clients come from many different industries including, IT, construction, HR and consulting and are all service based businesses.

Our Focus
1. Results We measure everything and ensure that the the marketing plan we have built together works. We measure leads, conversions to sales, Facebook likes, and the number of visits you get to your website, blog and the action that your email campaign creates. At the end of the day, two results really matter, sales and happy customers. Our clients stay with us because we deliver great results over time again and again.
2. A sales and marketing engine. If you are looking for a once-off campaign to create leads then that is great, but that is not us. We create a sales and marketing engine that will continually feed your business opportunities, in good times and bad.
3. Passionate about Education.We educate you so you and your team so you understand how to be better at sales and marketing. Yes, that sometimes means understanding the benefits of advertising on Facebook or how to segment your client list to give them a better type of communication or relevant offer.  We have to do this so together we can make better marketing decisions.
4. We are IT geeks. This means we love technology and so if there is a faster, better and more economical way for us to do sales and marketing we’re onto it. Check out our Stuff Were Into page. Being IT geeks is a real differentiators for us, as technology and marketing is so interconnected.
5. We are marketing thoughtleaders. We don’t just sit on our laurels. Danielle MacInnis is continually called on to present at speaking gigs, is published in on and offline marketing and small business publications and publishes a blog that has over 3000 hits a month, 4000 subscribers and growing, as well as a podcast where she interviews marketing experts and authors from around the world. Danielle is a Certified Practicing Marketing with the Australian Marketing Institute and privately coaches several students through her other company BrainJam.
6. We are all over the best marketing tactics. We want the marketing to work for you so we keep abreast of the best tactics including:

Read more about our competitive advantage and how we create this for you With our strategic Frameworks:



A customer centric company is a mindset. It puts the customer at the centre of all

your decisions. You are constantly aware of their needs and choose business

decisions based on what is right for them. This is balanced with the needs of your

employees who create the human service and put their energy into creating

delightful touch points that create a human empathic journey with your brand.

Customer Centric Marketing

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