To be the best, you need to Eat Move and Sleep Right

Tom Rath is a well known author and his latest book Eat Move and Sleep gives us some great tips on how to be a better small business owner by looking after our number one asset: US!!

Eat Sleep

We all spend too much time sitting on out butts! Tom shows us how to work while standing up, exercising and more. The brilliant site will also give you a  Eat Sleep and Move Questionnaire so you can change your ways too.Often we are the ones that are so integral to our business and so it makes sense to keep fit and healthy and be more productive.From changing your desk height to moving around more during the day or keeping healthy snacks in your car, there are all small changes that can make a big different to how effective we are. Tom has done a lot of research to understand the best way for us to achieve optimum health.Tom asserts that very small changes can make a big difference. I agree and  I for one appreciate it. Thanks Tom!

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